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This fun board game utilizes a vacuum formed, sturdy plastic game board with non-skid feet to protect the playing surface.  Assembly of a few stickers will be required. Game Contents include:

8 sets of multi-colored dice, 5 dice per set
8 colored-coded shaker cups
2 Custom Deception Dice with special indicators
1 Game board called the "pit"

Deception Dice™ is an exciting new board game that encourages strategy, throw in a bit of luck, and any player with any skill level can become the champion by using plenty of deception!  Ultimately the dice, once revealed, will decide the winner.  

This game encourages social interaction among adults or it can bring families together for an evening of family entertainment.  This game is a great alternative to playing poker.   Guys and gals, young and old can enjoy the fast-paced game play.   Game duration with 8 players can range from 35 - 45 minutes.  The time frame will vary based upon the number of times the DD's appear during the game (see Game Instructions link for more details).  Purchase a game or two and share with family and friends.

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Liar's Dice is the classic pirate dice game that can be played in many different ways.  Deception Dice is a simple version that is easy to learn and which has a unique variation - the Deception Dice cubes.  These cubes that feature special indicators change the format of play for each hand.  Rolling the double DD's can be either good or bad, you gotta roll the dice to find out!

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